The 100.000.000th G-Shock DeliveredRecently, the 100. watch breitling 000.000th Casio G-Shock is delivered. An amazing number and accomplishment! Only at Fratello were into the G-Shock and recently covered the 'essential' model GW-5000.100.000.000th G-Shock Since 1983The progression of the G-Shock already commenced almost 30 years ago, a watch that needed to withstand drops higher knocks. Around 200 prototypes later, the initial G-Shock premiered in 1983. This became reference DW-5000C. The 'tough' watch that resulted in a total new entity inside the Casio company.DW-5000CThe philosophy of G-Shock is always that every new developed model really should be pushing the limits even more than the last one. Not long ago, we did a conversation with G-Shock authority Sjors (who runs G-Peopleland) that you can check-out if you're into G-Shock.Anyway, G-Shock just announced that on August 31st, there seemed to be slightly party at Yamagata Casio to celebrate the 100.000 watches . quartz watches 000th G-Shock delivery (we assume they didn't range from the 200 prototypes). Inside flagship series (called Mr.G) there's a special watch containing the 100.000.000 number engraved on the case back. This can be G-Shock reference MRG-G1000B-1A4.The MRG-G1000B-1A4 doesn't only use the multiband system (radio controlled), and also has GPS reception.Huge congratulations to G-Shock and we'll make sure you wear our G-Shocks this weekend. Below, you'll find a gallery of an volume of G-Shock models. Select those to see their exact reference number.Details via G-Shock. G-SHOCK GW-9200-1 CR ER G-SHOCK GW-4000-1A JF DR CR ER G-SHOCK GB-6900-1 JF G-SHOCK GPW-2000-1A2 JF DR -SHOCK GPW-1000-1AJFDR G-SHOCK DW-5900C G-SHOCK DW-5200C DW-5000C G-SHOCK MRG-100 G-SHOCK_MRG G-SHOCK GW-300-1VER G-SHOCK_DW-8200K replica cheap breitling watches uk
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